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Full Version: T3 Garrett swap kit (upgrade for '87-8 TC)
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here is a kit with nearly everything you need to swap a '83-6 era Garrett T3 (or equivalent) onto your '87-8 TurboCoupe
(to replace the smaller IHI these were equipped with .. Wink )
OR convert a N/A 2.3 to Turbo ?

contents of kit and description, all parts are USED:
1. '83 Ford Garrett T3 center section with both wheels and shaft. wheels carefully inspected and look 100%, no evidence of either wheel hitting the housing(s), no bent or broken fins;
the '83 is oil cooled only, no coolant line fittings, needs rebuild, kits from $21 ...
however I suggest finding a '84-6 Ford (or Volvo, or Saab, or Buick, ..) (used, then rebuild) or new (water cooled) center section
2. '83-6 Ford compressor housing, very nice, media blasted and coated with Titanium high-temp ceramic
3. '83-6 Ford .48 A/R turbine housing, media blasted, 3 broken exhaust outlet bolts, otherwise nice shape with no visible cracks; however I suggest finding a .63 A/R housing and using that for MORE POWER.
4. both correct '83-6 compressor housing inlet & outlet castings, nice, freshly washed
5. '83-6 turbo brace, turbo to engine block, nice shape
6. '83-6 EGR tube, nice shape, hard to find ..
7. oil drain back tube, hard to find in nice shape like this one
8. oil feed line & 90 degree fitting to turbo. oil line has been cut about 12" from turbo, I suggest an aftermarket SS flexible line..
9. water feed line, metal with neoprene rubber section & (2) OE clamps, metal tube has been cut/broken about 1" from turbo fitting, could be TIG'd back .. otherwise in nice shape; turbo fitting end was a bit corroded but was media blasted and cleaned up nice...
10. Waste Gate Actuator, cleaned up..

no water 'return' line or exhaust outlet

$75 plus shipping

I have pix, private msg me yur email addy or cell pnone # and I will send them to you

I have a nice media-blasted E6 exhaust manifold , one broken stud , if desired, I could also include for a bit extra..
(have this one ported and coated ahead of time to make the swap quicker)

Can you send pics to [email protected]
ok I am out of town right now but will get back to it asap

ps I think I have found a second center section, this one is water cooled..
pretty sure it's a Ford with the 60 trim comp wheel but I need to confirm that...
emailed yu firehawk ..