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Full Version: Back after a 5 yr hiatus
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It is hard to believe it has been this long since I visited the site and sold my '88 (which is much missed but had to be done at the time).  Well, I'm starting to think about making my low mile, garage stored and now 5 yr barn stored '85 into something.  I'm not sure the last time the poor car even saw the road but I did have it started and warmed up last fall.  Considering a winter time tinkering project of starting on it but need to make a plan as to what I'm building it into.  Leaning towards a turned up street car that will run on premium pump gas.   

Added a pic of the '88 that I took to Carlisle one year and the poor old '85 that's been sitting in the wings for far too long on the day I brought her home.

Anyway glad to be back!
welcome back!!
welcome back. nice looking tbirds!
Welcome back!!