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Full Version: Strange electrical gremlin
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I have this odd issue in an 85 Xr7 I bought a few days ago. The first day I drove it, neither window will work (no motor noise or movement) and all gauges but battery are not moving ((no fuel, cold, no oil pressure). The next day, everything works fine. Today, nothing again. Any suggestions on where to start? I was suspecting the VR in the dash until I realized the windows weren't working. So far, they are the same: if the gauges work, the windows work. The 3 times I've seen this issue come and go, the behavior has been the same.
You really need an EVTM for your year car so you can study the circuit diagrams and see what the windows and gauges have in common. Ford changed the wiring nearly every year in the early years of the Aerobirds, so best to get the correct year EVTM. Check Ebay .

As a start, without wiring diagrams, you could check the appropriate fuses, circuit breakers (windows should be on a circuit breaker) and fuse links for looseness, damage, etc. Fuse links can be checked by looking for burned insulation and pulling on them to see if they come apart.
Thanks for the input, ill look for one. One came with my 93SC and it was handy.