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Full Version: Stainless Steel Brake lines?
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Hey everyone; so my 88 tbird is going to get a brake overhaul. All new equipment and I will be swapping over to a vacuum assist system. I would like to install stainless steel brake lines while I have everything apart. I can't find a company that makes thunderbird specific stainless steel brake lines. Is there a mustang kit that will fit the 88 TC?

By the time I'm done modifying this car, it'll be half Mustang haha!
Mustang lines will not fit as the Tbird has a longer wheelbase. SS bulk line is a PITA to flare and bend yourself.

Use Nickel-Copper (NiCop) brake line. Super easy to bend and flare, and will not rust. Just develops a little greenish tint after a few years. I use NiCop on all my old cars when brake lines are in need of replacement and I want the new lines to last forever. I but it in bulk on Ebay. More expensive than bulk coated mild steel line, but WELL worth the extra expense.
^^^ +1. I replaced my brake lines as Jeff described years ago. No problems since. (Not that there were any at that time.)

WHY did I do it? The car was then about 10 years old, and going by that logic I probably should replace them again (if time is any indication). Somewhere back whenever I read that one should consider replacing brake lines after a certain number of years. Looking back now, that makes little was a lot of work, and I’m not sure there was any real benefit, other than peace of mind.