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Full Version: Blow off Valve
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Looking for a little support about installing a blow off valve. With all you experts out there that may have had a chance to try a couple different valves, does anybody suggest a good valve to go with and where to buy one?? what works best with our 1988's? Where does this valve hook up at and what all supplies would I need to purchase to make this install happen? I am having a difficult time finding a thread that suggests a valve as well as a picture or two on where and how this valve hooks up to the intake.

Thank you all again for support from the past posts I posted. Update to my engine missing for the longest time that put me into a tail spin. Tried fuel pressure changes, no help. Tried all new wires, cap and rotor, plugs, no help. New TFI, no help. Fixed a signal return wire issue for the engine temp, thought I had it fixed. It came down to when I pulled the spark plugs to examine, the #2 cylinder didn't look good as if it wasn't firing or firing properly. Spark plug was fowled up, thick build up on top of the piston etc..swapped spark plug with a known good plug, still same problem missing. Without pulling the engine apart to get at the injectors (35# original inj and were sent out for cleaning a long time ago) I sprayed some cleaner on the piston, motored the engine and repeated and now the engine has been running the best it has ever ran since I did a rebuild several years ago. Not sure what happened, but I suspected something got on the tip of the #2 injector causing a poor spray of fuel, therefore, not allowing a proper burn. Since I did the cleaning of that cyl 4 weeks ago, the engine has not missed once and she runs very smooth, I'm loving it!!!

As for the hard to start after the engine has warmed up, that was the bad return signal wire from the eng temp sensor. No continuity found from sensor to EEC, fixed wire issue and engine starts perfect every time, hot or cold.

You guys are great and have been extremely helpful and supportive, I can't say thank you enough. I've had this car from day 1 and have no intention to ever get rid of it. New paint job and wheels from and this car not only looks great, but runs great too
They say that BOV is no good on eeciv, you should get a BPV and add a recirculation tube.

I'm running an HKS SQV that came with my fmic kit and it has been seamless.
What all is needed to connect this type valve in? where is a good place to buy one, part number etc? not sure what a FMIC kit is, is something else I might need to get also? If it's an FMIC kit I need that comes with this valve, where do I go for that and what to expect to see in price? Does this all require me to change up the intake to allow for this to work? As you can see, I'm confused on how you guys are installing this set up, not sure how it all goes together, maybe a picture might help too

Thank you
FMIC = Front Mount Intercooler. You dont need a front mount to install a BPV. There are many different ways to mount a BPV........ do a search here, over at TF, and Google in general for ideas.
SK, I used the Dual piston BOV from Stinger on my 88. I also bought his silicone coupler with a 1" TEE adapter. This mounts on top of the intake and replaces the factory intercooler to throttle body connection. I did have to trim the edges back on it to get it to fit better, but no issues there. The BOV is facing toward the front of the valve cover and the vacuum line runs back to the large tree on the firewall. I have heard the stories about a BOV on these cars, but I have had zero drivability issues with this set up. This was super easy to install and I could put the factory coupler back on if I had to return to stock. All in around $100. Hope this helps
Thank you Kuch!! it does help a lot!!! I have been in touch with Shannon over at Stinger Perf. and has also been of great help and understanding with this. I ordered what you described in your post and was given the same instructions you stated as well. Thank you for letting me know how this dual valve works for you, makes me feel better about it. I see you are from Manlius NY, I was born and raised in Syracuse NY. Thank you again for sharing your experience and support
I actually put mine attached to the corner of the stock intercooler. Drilled a 1" hole front passenger side of intercooler, bought a pipe elbow from lowes and JB welded it to the intercooler where i drilled the hole, sanded and painted all black then attached a 1" rubber to the pipe and then to the BOV. Looks almost as if it could be factory and works well.........
^^^^^^ I did basically the same thing, except used a Forge BPV routed to the front of the VAF.
Thanks guys, I will look at those options too, greatly appreciate your input and support. Hey Jeff, I signed up to be a member and paid the dues, when do I receive an email notice regarding this? I paid via paypal the other day. Thanks
^^^^ You should probably get an Email in a week or so. Our treasurer does the memberships and membership Emails in batches.

Thank you for becoming a dues paying member sand supporting NATO!
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