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Full Version: Rear windshield question
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Sometime during the heatwave up here the rear glass in my 87 disintegrated. I have an 88 parts car but as most of you know our cars had different rear windshields. The broken one in my 87 is the one with aluminum trim around it and the one in my 88 is the one mounted in rubber. My question is will the rubber mounted glass from the 88 fit in my 87using either the rubber mount or the aluminum trim method?
87 & 88 rear glass is the same in all Tbirds.
Thanks Jeff. So they just changed the trim style not the glass.
Are you considering doing this repair yourself, or having it done professionally?

The reason I ask is because the tinting on my rear window (or windshield, as you fine folks in Canada like to call it) is separating, making it difficult to see out with any clarity.

Several months ago I was considering getting one from a parts car in a salvage yard in Tucson, AZ. The owner would agree to remove it for me, but I would have to remove my old one and replace it with his. I looked into the process involved, and while it doesn’t look all that difficult (I’ll tackle most any project head on), from what I read it’s not something DIY’ers should consider. There’s the issue of getting all the old mounting material off, making certain any rust or contaminants are removed, and that the sealant is applied evenly for a good bond...amongst others.

However, this turned out to be a moot point. On a recent visit to that car looking for other parts I noticed its rear window tinting now in much worse shape than mine, it’s starting to actually peel off. I might still get it from him, but I would have to have it re-tinted.

I hate to say this...but it looks like too much work, risk/reward is definitely tilted more toward RISK. I’ll likely have mine done professionally.

Please let us know what you end up doing.
I am having the local autoglass shop do this.
I didn't realize 'rear windshield' was a Canadian I guess we drive fast in reverse up long as we have defrost on our rear windshield.