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Full Version: chuck w shock brackets - $55 shipped
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here's another kudos to Chuck W for opening up his design to us to use!

I needed a set of these for my own turbo coupe so I had quite a few of these made to help out anyone who needs a set! I currently only have 7 sets that are welded up and ready to be sold!

$65 shipped. Paypal friends & family or add a few bucks to cover fees! Comes with mounting bolts, washers and nuts.

[Image: tngLUbe.jpg]

[Image: EWuoGAV.jpg]

[Image: 7gJWg4R.jpg]

[Image: 2eNz26w.jpg]

[Image: HnNKlol.jpg]

[Image: fE5eZC9.jpg]

[Image: polkdiI.jpg]
Is there another benefit to these, other than the stouter construction?
They raise the mounting point of the shocks by about 2" allowing the use of a much larger selection of Fox Mustang shocks.
yep, exactly as Turbocat86 said. there's WAY MORE fox/sn95 mustang shocks available than thunderbird/cougar shocks.
I was able to drop the prices on these down to $55 shipped! have plenty in stock!