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Full Version: my attempt at making Door pull covers...
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Ive been on a lil kick of resin casting model car parts recently.. so doing a few here and there i started with emblems. easy but they are flat. now i'm in the stages of attempting more dimensional pieces.
so after a few days prepping and making the mold. i am now at casting.. again a learning curve for me. what yall think?
here are some emblems i did back in March or so... was still getting the hang of it.
Those look great, Brian!

Planning on selling them on Ebay any time soon?
Not just yet. I'm still not satisfied with how they look. Want to get them a bit better. Then I may.
I gave a couple emblems to Jon moller at Carlisle. Wonder how they are holding up. He was my tester for UV fading and deteriorating.
Looks good to me. Nice work. Keep us posted. I need a couple.
Yes, Brian, please let us know when you will be ready to sell. The door pull covers I am mostly interested in, likely a set of 5 (I am currently missing one).

They look great! For the very last picture, of the “Thunderbird” emblem—how did you get the chrome effect on it, or were those the originals?
the top one is a factory emblem. the bottom one is my resin with a chrome paint on it. its this $12 paint pen thats made in germany. i use it for chrome trim on my model cars.. looks good on emblems
Wow real chrome paint? Nice! Yes, I’d like some of that too, if you don’t mind sharing one, or the company’s name and address.

In another post here about the TC’s fog lights I mentioned that the chrome on those reflectors was peeling off, and that I bought some Rust-oleum that was supposed to be chrome paint, but was only silver. I wonder if I could restore that chrome with one of those pens? It wouldn’t matter all that much if it was a smooth finish, you can’t see it through the outer lens anyway...but I bet it would reflect the light much better.
These look really great, I just recently paid quite a lot to get 4..
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