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Full Version: 87-88 Headliners
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Any tips on where I can get a new headliner for an 87-88. If there is a choice I would prefer as original looking material as can be obtained. Thanks.

pete, try stock I have gotten seat covers and carpet from them and I know that they also stock headliner material. I`m not sure if they would have the complete headliner but I would think they could get you the material for the headliner. I hope that helps you out......terry
I redid my headliner years ago. Took a sample of the headliner to a large fabric store that sells headliner fabric, and found a decent match. Paid around $20 for more than enough to complete the job. The replacement was a bit time consuming, but pretty straightforward. I also recovered the rear package shelf with the same material.
Thanks Terry and Jeff.