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Full Version: Another good day at the track
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Ran the bird again last night at the local TnT.
Temp was 90 degrees with DA around 5900-6000.

First run, ran a new best with no spray. Went [email protected]

Second run, put the bottle in the car hoping for a new best. Went [email protected] Good but not good enough.

Third pass, dropped tires from 10.5psi to 10.2 and loosened the rear shocks one click. I also hit the nitrous as soon as I released the brake instead of waiting a split second after TB release.
New best: [email protected] with a 1.41 60'
The brand new Hoosier's definitely helped.

I noticed on the video the car seemed jump up more than forward so I may have the IC a little too far back. I will readjust the rear lower control arms for the next track assault and see if it will 60' a little better.
Nice! :notworthy: