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Full Version: Oil feed line question
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My oil feed line has been Puking for a while now, and I just got a Stinger replacement. Currently, my TC is my only transportation and the replacement looks like it could be somewhat involved. Any tips or pointers as to removing the fitting that the line and the Oil Pressure switch attach to; does the intake need to come off?
Using a 'line wrench", at least to break the fitting loose, it is possible to do from underneath the car, it you have relatively long thin arms and not too big a hands. It still took me a long time to do it, especially to get the line threaded back on during re-assembly careful not to cross thread the line. I did it many years ago. I would seriously consider popping the upper intake if faced with the job today. Good luck.

I'm assuming that the sender is a 1/2". The rest looks reasonably easy, as I was planning on cutting the line at the fitting and use a crescent to screw it out of the block. The turbo side looks easy. Thanks for the input.
Oil sending unit: I think I used and a long 3/8th extension, notched to clear the bottom bead on the OP sensor. I don't recommend putting channel locks on the outside of the sender, at least until it is broken loose. I used a 9/16" crows foot wrench
Beautiful! The OPS is half the battle.
I just took off the whole upper intake when I replaced my feed line. Made it a piece of cake.
I also pulled my upper intake. It is 'overkill' for the jobs but it's actually not that involved. 8 bolts, 2 hose clamps, and 2 sensors. Maybe a vacuum line too Smile

If I had to do it again though I would use Pete's method, just do your best to get the threads started up top. What I don't like about the remove the upper intake method is that you are breaking into what should be a sealed environment. If it's your first go around with removing the intercooler it can be tricky getting it back on and sealed properly. It was for me the first time anyways Smile
I just replaced mine this weekend from underneath with the right tools it is not to bad . And as far as the oil sending unit the first time i ever removed it i used chanell locks on the unit bad idea it started leaking at the seams