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Full Version: wiring diagram for power seats
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I found that I have an issue with my power seats, I have always had an intermediate problem with my seats. I first thought it was just a switch but after getting the car running (a 2 or3 years backburner wait) I now can not move either seat. So I removed the console,seat and tried to pin point where the actual problem is. Man there is alot of wires there. So plan of attack is to trace down wire to fuse panel. You can't see behind the fuse box to see wire color to trace it back. Does anyone have a diagram that shows what wire is the power lead to the seat switches? Anything would be helpful.
Did everyone have good turkey day?
Thanks in advance for any help
If you find that you need that power seat harness. I have good ones from 87-88 Turbo Coupe. I'll ship you one for $30. That harness does disconnect from the main harness.
Denny, check your email. Circuit diagrams should be there.
Thanks Pete
Pete can you resend the diagram? I had to change my email address, I have corrected this in my profile already Sorry

[email protected]
Denny, I will resend now. Would you change that email in your profile?
Received diagrams and changed my profile as suggested.