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Full Version: Got it running
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Well got my car running after a while did all the brakes and put it on the ground to get up to operating temp it was getting there and it just did and will not start again. I'm thinking fuel pump and fuel filter. I have no pressure at the fuel rail gas only drips out dose not shoot out. That's my next quest and redoing cooling system. So I'll keep you all informed with what happens next.
Do you hear the fuel pump run for 2 seconds every time the key is turned on? Have you tried running the pump by grounding the appropriate pin on the EEC TEST connector?
Yes I do hear it running for 2 seconds every time I turn the key to the on position. I'm going to drop the tank clean pump and change fuel filter and then work my way forward. Then I'll let you all know what happens after that. Thanks for the info I'll take a look at it.
So now I think the starter is acting stupid. It will only turn over every once in awhile. So my next thing is replace the starter. The battery cables are getting really warm to the touch. I'll be picking up a starter somtime this week and and will find out what happens. Any thing else I should be looking for if its having a hard time turning over.
Could be corrosion in the cables themselves. Corrosion can cause resistance which could make the cables heat up as well.
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Cables can look fine externally but can have corrosion internally.
I parked a car that was running and starting just fine, in the garage for some unrelated maintenance. 3 days later I tried to start it to go for a drive and it was totally dead as far as the starter went. I was advised, here, to check the cables. I found the starter cable had a small amount of blue corrosion at the end of the insulation on one end. I posted that and was advised to get new cables. Once I installed the new cable, it started right up and gave me no further trouble.
Well went to pick and pull found a brand new starter and a few other parts and put them in the car charged the battery and it came to life after spraying some starting fluid in the tb. So my next thing will be draining the fuel tank and changing the fuel pump. I feel that I'm not getting enough fuel pressure. Then I have to put on the sway bar end links cause one side is completely gone. For a 100 dollar car and sitting for 9 years and less then 150 dollars into it I have maybe 10 hours working on the car here and there cause of my busy work schedule and spending time with my family I think this a great project. I will post pictures sorry I have not done it yet.
Why not get a free loaner fuel pressure gauge from the parts store and check fuel pressure to verify if you actually have a pressure problem or not.
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