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Full Version: lernative to motorcraft plug wires
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Introduced myself on the new member board a couple of weeks ago. Have had my 88TC since 91. Developed the "rouge" miss a while back that progressed into a miss that was like hitting a rev limiter. Had a code 14. Last week I put a new motorcraft PIP, TFI and plug wires along with distributor cap and rotor, and NGK plugs. Drove it and it ran fine for about 15 minutes then started missing again. Checked the VAF and TPS, looked all over for wiring problems-- no avail. Tonight, in darkness, I started the car and much to my surprise my new Motorcraft plug wires have "faint blue" abounding. Even the coil has faint blue all around the bottom of it. Out of curiosity I started my 89 SC (298,000 with original plug wires) no blue to be seen anywhere!!

Is there any aftermarket alternative to the Motorcraft plug wires? From the site search it looks like "magnecor" might be the ones to try.
Anyone ever seen a coil get that blue "haze" around it?

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Magnecor is good stuff, but they ain't cheap. I have them on my '86 and they ran about $110. This was a custom set due to the non-stock ignition, but I don't think a "stock" set would be much, if any cheaper.

I'm wondering if your problem might be fuel-related. Is the misfire during cruise, boost, idle??
The misfire is "all of the above"!! It no longer misses like hitting a rev limiter but is a constant random miss now and worse when accelerating. It is puzzling that the car ran perfect (during all conditions) for about 15 minutes after installing the new parts. A fuel problem crossed my mind too, many times, but fuel pressure checks good and the fuel filter is new. I guess at this point a $100 for the plug wires is worth a try. I spent $50 for the Motorcraft wires and it looks like I wasted my money there. Out of curiosity I am going to put the originals wires back on it this evening and check those in the dark!!

In addition, the tach jumps around when it misfires if that is a clue to anything.
See that kind of miss screams "TFI" to me. I've had that a couple of times. If you can get your hands on another one to try, I would do that before buying plug wires. When you installed the new TFI module on the distributor, did you coat the mating surface with thermal paste?
Did you put dielectric grease in the plug wire boots on both ends?

As Brian said, the thermal grease is VERY important on the TFI.
I did use the dielectric grease at the plugs and distributor cap. Found heat sink past at Radio Shack, $8.00 for a tube that was enough for one TFI module!! I was thinking TFI also. Autozone can still test those. Do you all think their test is a reliable test?
I wouldn't put too much stock in a TFI module test at a parts store. They can pass with flying colors on the test, but still be no good. One reason being that they can act different depending on temperature.

On another note... You still have a Radio Shack nearby?? Confusedhocked:
I have a test routine for TFI's/PIPs. However it does not always catch a bad TFI that only fails when hot. Found out the hard way on that one. On the good side it only takes an ohm meter to perform.
I found the problem. Before buying a new TFI I was going to put the original plug wires on and see if that improved things, since I was seeing the arcing with the new plug wires. Well, the #2 plug wire was not seated on the plug completely. I would have bet money that I had all of the plug wires on securely. I had taken my time when installing them to make sure I heard each wire "click" when I installed them. The car runs fine now (which is a good feeling) so that was due to "operator error"!! I checked the plug wires again tonight, out of curiosity, and there is still some "faint" arcing (but not as much as before). Even though the car seems to run fine now, I will probably still order a set of the Magnecor plug wires. That faint arcing doesn't "set well" with me!! Thanks for the replys.