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Full Version: 2016 NATO Calendars for sale, june 16 to july17
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not a problem, sent you a pm with the info
Payment sent!
mailing it out today, Thanks
I got my NATO calendar today. VERY nice! I'm very impressed. There's some great looking cars inside.

I just wish I would have had my much better 35mm film camera (remember those?) when I took the photograph of my car that day.

I had made an unplanned trip to Monument Valley from the nearby town of Kayenta, AZ, which was about 16 miles away. I stopped at an Ace Hardware there to get a cheap camera for some quick photos of the landmarks known as the Mittens, then I hit upon the idea of parking my TC in front of them.

Oh well. Very proud and honored to be included in the calendar. Thank you.
anasazi4st Wrote:I just wish I would have had my much better 35mm film camera (remember those?)...

I still have my old 35mm Ricoh SLR camera. Confusedhocked:
My kids will never know the joy of going to pick up prints when you have no idea how they came out beforehand!
Still have several left AND start taking pics for next years calendar.
A friend looked at mine and decided he wanted one of his own, so, PayPaling you for a second one....
OK, Thank You. I will send it right out.
i would like to buy one now, where and who do i send Paypal???
pm sent
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