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Full Version: 2016 NATO Calendars for sale, june 16 to july17
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I still have 2016 calendars for sale. They run from June 2016 to July 2017. The cost is $15 shipped. Those of you outside of the U.S. please contact me by PM if you are interested. Vehicles in the calendar are-

Cover photo- Paul C
June- Carlisle
July- Brandon H
Aug- Spuds PiKniK
Sept- Dayton Picnic
Oct- Jackie H
Nov- Pete D
Dec- Eric H
Jan- Mike S
Feb- Forrest B
March-Paul C
April-Brandon S
May- Caleb S

Thanks to all that sent in pics and start taking some now for next years calendar.
Count me in! Can you send me info or contact me directly, I can post here but my PM skills appear to be sadly lacking. Sad
It's a very nice calendar. I got one at Carlisle.

Anasazi4st. Just left click on your screen name in your reply in this post and you will get a drop down menu. One of the choices it to "send a PM".
PM sent to anasazi4st. thx
I'm in too, let me know Smile
PM sent to Fastn'Fried, Thanks
It is on its way to you anasazi4st. Thank you.
I want one!!!
PM sent to Huey866,Thanks
Of course, I forgot to give you the cash and get my calendar at Carlisle, so you will need to send me one.
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