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Full Version: So whats going on here...?
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I attached a link to a pic of (I believe) the turbo oil return. Well its saturated with oil and I will most likely remove it to inspect when I pull the motor but why is it like this and Is there something I should be looking for when inspecting it?

[Image: Turbo%20oil%20return.JPG?dl=0]
Ron, Either the oil buildup is coming from somewhere else or the fitting is loose or the line leaking. It happens. Note that the fitting that your red arrow points to, has likely seized on the line inside the fitting and when you go to remove it it will twist the line and then it is toast for sure. Loosen the line at the block end and make sure you rotate it as you rotate the fitting.

If you determine the line or fitting leaks, the best bet is to just replace it. Stinger sells replacements.
What Pete said......

If it were me, I would just get the replacement line Stinger sells and be done with it.