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Full Version: I'm finally back!!!! :)
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After a bunch of ignition and clutch issues last year i finally made some full passes on the current setup for the first time!!!

Smile here's the thread on TF i already started with times and vids...

I saw that post on TF. Good Job! If you give me your time slip and mods I will update the top 25 list.


Thanks Travis!!! Theres definately more good times to come hopefully making it back this friday so wish me luck. I was going to bring my timeslip in to work tonight to scan it but ofcourse i forgot!!!

Mods & info are as follows:
88 turbocoupe
Date: 6-26-2010

MSii efi
Holset HX35, 40mm ext WG, full 3" exh
Bob's centermount log header, custom FMIC
Walbro 255hp, Kirban afpr, 65pph inj
Trans - 5spd

Launch RPM - 5700
Shift RPM - 6000
Boost - 23 dropping to 21 1st through 3rd, ~20 in 4th
Weight - 3500?
Track Temp - 90*
Relative Humidity - 41%
Update, had a bad night at Atco Friday night, see link to thread on TF, having some darn misfire issues.

Hoping some people might see this because i'm wondering if any NATO guys have any issues racing with less then 1/2 tank of gas. I think i've been racing with anywhere from 5-gallons to a little more than 1/4 tank and wondering if i might be running into fuel pickup issues.

I guess if i dont really get a response i'll start a new thread in General section
I have raced with little as 1/4 tank...not that our fuel gauge is totally accurate.....

I received the email. I will review the info tomorrow.


After looking through the logs it looks like every pass i made this year on slicks goes way lean right around or through 60' right before shifting into 2nd, then shortly after getting into second leans out real bad again but is completely fine in 3rd and 4th, AFR is stable
Trav what happened? i never made it onto the list after i mailed you my timeslip a while back :p

Might as well wait now because I have a new one to send you that should bump me a few more slots Wink Details are posted in my link at beginning of thread

Is [email protected] still the best email to send to?

If you replaced your fuel pump at any time, I hope you didnt use the new black rubber piece (goes on the bottom of the pump) that comes with the kit. The new one that comes with the kit locates the pump 1/4 to 1/2 inch higher in the tank. Re-use the old one. Im glad I saved my old one after having problems. I put it back in with the new pump after discovering this and I can launch my car with less than 1/8 tank of gas now.