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Full Version: Thank You
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Thank You Gary, Sandi, Dan, and Diana for all your efforts!
Don't think I got to say so at the show.
I'll Jump on this Bandwagon!
Thanks to everyone at Carlisle and everyone involved in setting up the WHOLE Carlisle Thing.
We didn't get to visit much, but enjoyed when we did. Again Carlisle in June proves that you must bring all your outfits, Last year rain and 50, this year Sun and close to 100. Thanks again to everyone.
Congratulations to the Baysingers on their (or Her ) new toy!!!
Mike & Carol C
Sandi and I say thanks for the acknowledgement and I am sure that Dan and Diana are gratified also. We all look forward each year to Carlisle and are glad that we can contribute in some small way to help make it a success.
Gary and Sandi Schweikert
Diana & I enjoy Carlisle every year! We enjoy the interaction with our NATO family by cooking, smiling and laughing with others to just make the weekend enjoyable. Thanks for the kudos, but again, we just enjoy our friends. Smile