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Full Version: Engine sputters
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Hello -
Just put many $ into rehabbing my 88 TC, which I have owned since new. Running great until now - in the A.M. when I start her she idles fine upon driving away, she farts & bucks.- ? It's a 5 spd. anyone else out there have had this problem? Is it fuel filter related or what?
Could be ignition, fuel or sensors. What have you done so far. have you pulled the codes?
Lets see - all coolant lines, brakes, valve cover gasket, full tune up, new radiator, heater core, alot! It pulls no codes believe it or not! So where does this fall from here!?
Check what Pete said, however it sounds like PIP or TFI (or both). Sometimes changing just one of them will cause the problem to increase because both items work together. It's recommended to change both at the same time.

See the Tech Articles for complete info on the TFI/PIP at

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What brand of plugs and plug wires did you use and did the problem exist before the tune up?
Everything I used is Motorcraft other than one item on the distributor that had to be replaced.


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Did you make sure you securely connected both intercooler connections and tightened the hose clamps?

Under vacuum conditions, the rubber IC hoses might contract a bit and form a good enough seal to prevent a major vacuum leak, but under acceleration and the tiniest amounts of boost (or even low vacuum), these hoses might leak in / out air and screw things up.

If the car ran fine before this tune"up" and still idles normally, this is where I'd start.

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I'd agree woth the IC hoses I thought I had mine tight, and it stuttered and sounded like it had a blow of valve....even the olacement of the clamps affects the seal.

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I must say that I am lucky to have you guys out there! I will check all of these to see what is up with this problem - I will keep ya posted. Thank you again so much, for I really love this car, I have since the day I bought it! Rosemary