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Full Version: Slow From the Take off
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87 TC, It has had this problem every since i bought it, have replaced numerous trannie's, on my fourth A4LD, just had engine overhauled, turbo done as well, still this car is dog slow on take off, you can hear it strain. any help would be appreciated.

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When you replaced the 4 transmission did you use junk yard or used transmission? Or a rebuilt unit?
If used transmission it is not unlikely that what you got was not a fresh transmission.
You can get a performance build on an A4LD but most people that realy want to make a tc fast go either to a C4 automatic or go to a 5 speed.
The A4LD is not a great transmission for performance.
They were Used Trannie's, even at that, take off should be tons better than this, almost feels like something is holding it back.
How well does it coast? You could have a brake caliper causing a drag.
Also any noise from the rear end?
1987tc has a good point. if the calipers or e-brake cables are hanging up it can put significant drag on it.

Have you checked the cam and ignition timing. Both can have a big effect on performance.
Is the sprout plugged in?

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Ebrake not hanging, spout is pluggedin, timing and all are ok, gonna check waste gate as wes suggested.