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Full Version: Burnt alternator wire
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'88 TC. Well, put in a new starter yesterday, new tires today, alignment tomorrow morning. This thing never ends. lol. Anyway, had the alternator tested when they did the starter and it was barely at 13 volts, on its way I figured. Lights dimming at idle and all that. This was the next thing to get done. My question... pulling into my driveway (luckily) car died. Smell burnt wires. Go under the hood and the thick wire on the very drivers side (not the wires in the plug at the top) is burnt off at the terminal and is pretty much melted a good 1" down the wire. The wire and alt. are both hot as hell. Is this due to the alt. going south or is there another demon in my future? Where does this wire go? Any suggestions on what alt. to go with? Thanks as always... Chuck
Here's some info about installing the 3G alternator that many of us are using. The wiring diagram in it might help also. I got mine from PA Performance, and others here have one also. It's not cheap, but then again it's...not cheap (parts store alt).
Do a search and look for "underhood fire" and see what you find. You got lucky and found the culprit with your burned alternator wire before it cost you big time. Usually the burned wire is caused by a dirty connection between that wire and where it bolts to the post on the alternator. I am sure others might have more info if it could be caused by your failing alternator or some other malady also.
ttt see part 2. Thanks.
I had that problem and switched to another alt and ran another wire to the battery..It started it again and I don't have a high resistance connection at the alt...I am guessing that somewhere in the design of this crappy mitsu alt there is a high resistance at the bolt the wire connects to and happens with aging.. For the wire to get that hot at the connection and not have a bad connection seems to indicate the connection inside the alt is at fault.
Swapping to the 3g cures this and I suspect any alt other than the Mitsu would cure it also.

Just my opinion...yours may vary according to your age Smile