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You are leaving the NATO Club Website and are being redirected to our official merchandiser. Please read the information below about how the Order-Production-Shipment process works before you proceed to the store and place an order.
Within the store you will be able to purchase items that are officially authorized and sanctioned by NATO.

It is our main objective to offer merchandise that is of high quality and also affordable. To reach these goals, NATO will order items on a quantity basis rather than as individual orders trickle in, since greater quantity means lower price per item. Therefore the store operates approximately as follows:

One whole month is devoted to receiving the individual orders. Then at the begining of the following month, the orders recieved during the "order" month are bulk ordered from the manufacturers. During this second month the products are produced and shipped back to NATO. Then NATO will receive the merchandise from each manufacturer, combine-package the items that each customer ordered, and finally ship the entire order out at once to each individual customer.

Note that if multiple items are ordered by a customer, order items will be held at the staging point until all items are received for that order. Then all will all be shipped at once to the customer, reducing shipping costs and also reducing the time required from the unpaid NATO volunteer. In other words, if you ordered a shirt and a jacket, you will receive them in one shipment even though the shirt might arrive from the manufacturer well before the jacket does.
E.G. You order a shirt on the first of March. The order is placed with the manufacturer the first of April. The shirt would probably be received by NATO around the first of May. Then, depending on the totality of your order, the products may not be shipped until the middle or end of May.
Please note that the designated Order-Only months are MARCH, MAY, JULY, SEPTEMBER, and NOVEMBER of each year.

Thank You and Happy Shopping!
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